Theme 2 - Art, the poetics of differences, and subjectivity


The artistic forms are part of a game in which the poetics of otherness, in their poesis proper, are questioned and put into motion, considering that power and subjectivity are reconfigured in a complex
way within different social spheres and in the grammar of the imaginary. Inserted in the logic of consumption and the market, art is not a sphere of autonomous resistance to forms of power that exclude and stigmatize differences. Thus, one starts from the premise that subjectivity is produced by individual, collective and institutional instances, not to be confused with traditional systems of infrastructure or superstructure, but considering the decline of gap between the subject and society, art and culture, unconscious and forms of resistance to power. The first line of force that moves this project is based on the critical view that the movements of subjectivity do not necessarily tend toward an emancipatory sense and participate in a complex network of values and polyphony of social vectors. Thus, such movements do not, of course, push the social actors onto the stage of expansion of freedom, but they may act on behalf of the reification of political patterns and social attitudes that only perpetuate stigmas and modes of existence already consolidated and widely disseminated in hegemonic historical narratives. The second line of force is justified by the fact that identity and difference are not synonyms, because they are inserted in diverse processes of social and cultural determination, with their own attributes, and, therefore, the mobile and changing aspect that prevents the setting of identity crystallizations or determinations representative of the differences. The arts participate in the symbolic and imaginary constitution of subjectivity, being a great vector for molding and transformation of behavioral patterns and interpretative scales of social gestures. Finally, the third line of force that justifies the theme of the project emphasizes the transversal character and the theoretical and practical interweaving with the critical analysis involving the artistic expressions that cross different areas of knowledge, cross territorial lines, and connect different cultural fields and geographical borders.


To intensify the convergence of different types of knowledge and dialogues with international partners, taking into consideration the heterotopy and heterogeneses of the arts, and its different forms of subjectivity and knowledge.


To intensify the convergence of different knowledge and dialogues with international partners around the proposed theme, considering the heterotopy and heterogenesis of the arts, and their different
forms of subjectivity and knowledge. It is a question of proposing actions that foster the internationalization of our research in arts and knowledge produced by our professors and students at UFBA. This objective will imply actions such as: • Exchange between research groups in Brazil and abroad around studies and research related to theme. • Gathering of national and international researchers for workshops and laboratories for the production of artistic works. • Mobility of Brazilian researchers abroad. • Grants for students in sandwich type doctorate and in co-supervision systems. • Implementation of courses, congresses and seminars that reflect the dialogue of UFBA research with themes and interests of an international nature, based on intercultural debates, in a collaborative way with international partners. • Organization of publications in Brazil counting with participation of foreign researchers. • Publication of works authored by Brazilian professors and researchers in academic information networks and jornals abroad.

Partner Countries

  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Spain
  • The United States
  • France
  • Italy
  • México
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • The United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • Swetzerland

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